Welcome Message of Program Coordinator

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Accordingly, the psychology program at IUS provides students with the theoretical and practical foundations to develop as psychological scientists and as professional practitioners of psychology. Students acquire scientific habits through courses in statistics, research methods and experimental psychology (e.g., neuroscience, cognitive, developmental, and social psychology). Students also acquire practitioner skills through applied courses and service experiences (e.g., health, personality, psychometrics and psychopathology). These applied experiences offer students the foundational skills in psychological assessment, treatment, and intervention within an international and multicultural context. Both mutually supporting goals of the psychology program together strive to promote an integrated understanding of the principles governing the diversity of human behavior as well as an enlightened professional responsibility for the welfare of others and society. Successful completion of the program allows students either to pursue postgraduate studies in the psychological sciences or assume employment in professional settings, such as marketing, human resources, social work, and mental health.

On behalf of the psychology faculty, we welcome you to join us in “dreaming no small dream.”