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Virtual Reality Laboratory


Virtual Reality Laboratory

Virtual reality has recently advanced technology, which has given scientific study a completely new viewpoint. Dr. Pınar Ünal-Aydın is the director of the Psychology Program's Virtual Reality Lab (VR Lab), which focuses on VR-based mental health studies, assessments, and treatments. Our employees and students will have a whole new perspective on research and instruction thanks to the VR Lab. The International University of Sarajevo offers you a place to investigate this cutting-edge technology.

Our research seeks to increase knowledge of the processes involved in the development and management of mental health issues. We also create and put into practice fresh prevention strategies aimed at boosting resilience and well-being, and we create psychological treatment plans for those who already have mental health issues.

We carry out research in the areas of prevention, early intervention, particular phobias, social anxiety, test anxiety and technology addictions.

IUS students have access to the Lab during open hours to view VR material from both the research and instructional perspectives. Faculty members may use the Lab to learn more about the technology and how to use VR material into their research and teaching.

Dr. Pınar Ünal-Aydın may also be contacted through email for advice and support with VR-related projects


1. An examination of VR-based exposure intervention on test anxiety among university students. (publication process)


  A building, -1 Floor next to the Counseling Center


  Pınar Ünal-Aydın, MD, Assoc. Professor Virtual Reality Lab Developer, Researcher

  Faruk Obuća Teaching Assistant