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Bachelor Studies


Bachelor Studies in PSY


The study of psychology spans many different topics on different levels of scientific exploration of human behaviour. Genes, neurons, neurotransmitters, and hormones are tied to biological, whereas abilities and characteristics of individual people refer to psychological perspectives.


Psychology also deals with the highest levels of explanation of human behaviour which relate to social groups, organizations, and cultures.

Overview of the BA Program

Overview of the BA Program

The Bachelor of Arts in PSY at IUS is a four-year, eight-semester program of 240 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), broken down into about 30 ECTS per semester. 

Earning a Bachelor’s degree is one of the most important steps you can take towards increasing your earning potential and job opportunities.

The Psychology program offers explanation of topics such as: psychological development, alcohol and drug addiction, memory, emotion, love, what makes people aggressive or helpful, and the psychologies of politics, prejudice, culture, and religion. Students will also learn how psychologists test their ideas and conduct scientific research. A wide variety of fields in which psychologists work and available careers will be discussed. In a challenging way, students will be taught to address certain preconceptions and misconceptions about psychology discovering that it is a field that will provide them with new ways of thinking.


  • To acquire knowledge about psychology as a discipline and theoretical perspectives in psychology;
  • To learn principles and historical trends as well as new trends and movements in psychology;
  • To gain an understanding of the narrower scientific psychology field and develop skills to apply research methods and techniques;
  • To learn how to apply critical thinking skills in relation to theory and research ;
  • To develop professional and personal competencies which will prepare them for their future career;
  • To develop communication skills, critical thinking skills and the understanding of complex psychological issues;
  • To apply ethical and multicultural principles in their professional work and career.



As a professional career, psychology offers many job opportunities, ranging from forensics, counselling and therapy, work in research laboratories, hospitals, mental health care centres, and other fields in which psychologists study the behaviour of humans and animals. Psychologists also work in marketing, schools and businesses, social institutions, courts, and gereonthology centres. 


Candidates who are citizens of foreign countries can submit preliminary application for admission before the official call is published by the University, so that they can obtain necessary residency permits and satisfy language requirements prior to the start of lectures at the University.

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