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PSY “Show and Tell” Workshop Presents the Realms of Psychology

The Psychology (PSY) Program organized an interactive "Show and Tell" workshop for prospective students. During the workshop, the academic staff presented an overview of the program, highlighting its unique features, curriculum, and career prospects. In addition, alumni success stories were shared and showcased the program's achievements.

The prospective students could practically engage in several activities. They were part of creating a collaborative virtual environment through the Virtual Reality Challenge, which emphasized communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills.

In the activity of Brainwave Synchronization, brainwave devices measured and visualized participants' brainwave patterns. The psychological aspects of teamwork and its impact on brainwave patterns were discussed after the activity. In addition, the Neurofeedback Exercise demonstrated real-time feedback on participants' physiological responses and states, encouraging discussion on the mind-body connection.