Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology program is designed for applicants interested in working as practitioners or researchers in a variety of psychological and educational settings. The content areas include: counselling and psychotherapy interventions, psychological assessment and diagnosis, treatment of various psychopathologies in different conditions, cognitive/affective foundations, social foundations, biological foundations, advanced research methods and the history and systems of psychology. Students will develop advanced skills in assessment, treatment and intervention, as well as research in the field of clinical psychology. As part of the development of professional competence and personal attention, we are devoted towards developing the students' ability to integrate science and practice in the assessment, treatment and preventive interventions, and the development of interpersonal skills and independent learning skills. This program also places great emphasis on personal and interpersonal functioning across a person's life span. Students will be prepared for positions in mental health clinics, hospitals, and residential treatment centers, while emphasizing the importance of community mental health and serving diverse and under-represented populations. 


  • To synthesise theoretical knowledge in clinical psychology and enhance it with the new awareness and skills;
  • To identify, explain and unravel the current controversies 
  • To gain basic knowledge of psychopharmacotherapy in clinical and counselling setting;
  • To conduct a clinical interview and demonstrate the skills of writing history and clinical evaluation;
  • To apply knowledge and skills of early recognition of risk factors in the field of mental health and prevention ;
  • To apply knowledge in the field of research methodology by making research projects and personal contribution to the field of clinical and counselling psychology;
  • To apply ethical and multicultural principles in their professional work and career advancement.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of cycle II study psychology student will be able to:

  • demonstrate a systematic understanding and knowledge in clinical psychology and extend it with new knowledge and skills
  • demonstrate knowledge of current challenges and controversies in psychology
  • apply gained knowledge in designing research projects and writing academic papers
  • acquire knowledge about the role and use of counseling and therapy in the prevention and treatment of bodyl illness
  • demonstrate  basic knowledge on the use and role of pharmacotherapy in clinical psychology and counseling
  • adopt advanced knowledge on the most effective therapeutic interventions
  • demonstrate knowledge on significance and promotion of the optimum development of individuals, groups and organizations, as applicable throughout the life span 
  • critically understand  and use the knowledge acquired in the basic theory and models of clinical psychology and counseling, and to use them for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
  • conducts a clinical interview and demonstrate the skill of writing history and clinical evaluation
  • apply the knowledge in the field of research methodology in terms of making own research project and present an original contribution to the specific field of clinical psychology
  • develop skills to apply specific techniques in counseling and therapy
  • able to critically analyze contemporary controversies in the research aspects of lifespan development and its use in clinical psychology counseling and therapy
  • behave in accordance with codes of ethics and the principles of professionalism, including being sensitive to the issue of diversity
  • acquire competencies to critically reflect on a wide range of problems in the field of clinical psychology and other related fields, and make judgments about various ethical and social issues within a specific context
  • be competent to understand and critically analyze research findings in the field of psychology
  • acquire interpersonal skills  and skills necessary for independent and teamwork 


II Cycle Clinical Psychology Curriculum